2023-2024 Schedule of Tuition and Fees

Longview offers two main educational tracks. Each family can choose the track which best fits with their educational approach.
Individuation and customization is also possible.

Self-Directed Track

Some families prefer to have their children be the captain of their own ship when it comes to their education. Students on this track have no specific course requirements; they can take as many or as few of the classes offered at the school as they so choose. They can combine self-directed projects, self-designed classes and independent activities (playing, reading, thinking, creating, imagining) with Longview coursework. Families on this track tend to believe that no specific knowledge is essential, and instead think that skills learned studying any subject can be cross-applied to other content areas when the need arises.

Academic Track

In their classes, students on this track cover the range of curricular areas including the core subjects (English, Math, Science, and Social Studies/History) plus other required areas such as Art, Foreign Language, and Physical Education. There is time in the students’ schedules to take elective classes as well. Families who choose this track tend to want to be sure their children learn the same skills and knowledge as they would in public school.

Annual Tuition (International students should request tuition/fees/hosting costs by contacting the school directly.)

Days/week Middle School & High School
5 days/week
4 days/week
3 days/week

Siblings:  A family’s 2nd child in the school pays 75% and 3rd, 4th, etc. pays 50% tuition.  (Sibling discount not available for special education students.)

Financial Aid:  Longview has a policy of not turning interested students away based upon financial need.  For students qualifying for financial aid, the tuition rate is a sliding scale. Families must fill out the Longview Financial Aid form (available upon request).  Minimum tuition is $2,500 per student (plus fees; no sibling discount). Barter is required for families who qualify for tuition reduction.

Additional Fees

  • Book and Art Supply Fees $300

    per student

  • Fundraising Surcharge $500-$700

    $500 for one, $600 for two and $700 for three or more enrolled students

  • Special Needs Assessment Varied

    Fee may apply to students whose special needs require additional services.

Field Trips–payable on a trip-by-trip basis

Payment Schedule. Monthly, semi-annual or annual payment schedules are available.

Refund Policy. Regardless of tuition payment schedule, enrollment commits families to paying tuition (based upon number of days of attendance for which s/he registers) for the entire school year.

Payment Procedure. Each family is required to sign a commitment with FACTS, a tuition management service which requires automated payments, and to pay the annual fee of about $50 for this service.

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