Jack (parent)

“Longview School was a truly life-changing find for our son. The small class size allows him to have an education tailored to him- one that allows him to expand his strengths and support areas he struggles with. At the same time, he is also able to feel a part of a true community, mixing with kids of all ages. The way in which the school promotes a sense of responsibility and ownership in the school is really remarkable. It has allowed my son to grow not just as a student, but as a human being.”

Sarah (parent)

“Longview is a school like no other, and our child has been to many. Schools often claim to be “student-centered,” but Longview actually is. The teachers understand that each child has different interests, needs, and challenges. There has been true, meaningful collaboration among us, the parents, our child, and the teachers.  

Also, the focus is on learning, in the very best possible sense. The teachers are not concerned about what students wear, whether they need to fidget, whether they sit up straight in a chair, or things like that. This removes barriers for students like our daughter who would otherwise be tense and stressed before a class even starts. There is no studying for the sake of standardized tests. Therefore, students keep their innate love of learning for learning’s sake.

There are many different types of children at Longview, and there is no sense that the school is trying to force them to conform to a certain mold. The strengths of each child are recognized and cultivated. Individuality is celebrated. Classes are small, often with five students or fewer. This allows each child to have a truly individualized education.

As a democratic school, Longview puts the students in charge of making the rules and voting on proposals for new school activities, etc. This relieves the stress present in many other schools of being forced to follow arbitrary rules in which students have no say. It also prepares students to become responsible members of a larger society much more than, in my opinion, traditional schools do. Our daughter has been able to flourish in this setting.”

Alyse (graduate)

“I grew more from 2 years at Longview than from the previous 10 years at public school. While the standard public school system of education held me back from chasing after my somewhat-unconventional goals, the Longview community was fully supportive of me and my decision not to go to college, but instead to pursue creative writing on my own. 

Through the school’s self-directed track, I was given the freedom to decide exactly which classes I wanted to take in order to fit my specific future. The friends and mentors I met at Longview went, and still continue to go, above and beyond to guide me towards my future and provide as much support as they can.”

Christy (parent)

“I can not say enough great things about Longview! When public school wasn’t working for our two daughters, we thankfully found Longview and it has been such a blessing for our family! Longview provides a unique approach to education that focuses on the whole child and meets them where they’re at. Every teacher in that school knows my girls so well and knows what their strengths, weaknesses, interests, and learning styles are. When something isn’t working, the staff if approachable and through open communication, adjustments can be made. 

Mark Jacobs helped my oldest daughter find an internship to follow her passion for baking and now after she graduates in June, she will be going to the Culinary Institute of America where she was accepted early, again thanks to the amazing help from Mark Jacobs! Longview is how education SHOULD be!”

Ryann (student)

“Just as things got very stressful at public school, my mom mentioned that she found a small school close to where we live. This was five years ago. I struggled with social anxiety and it didn’t help to be in a classroom with 20-30 kids. I was not able to concentrate which made me stressed, and I gave up easily. I tried out Longview for two days, and even though I felt awkward being new, I felt like I had a chance at fitting in. In the first year, I was still very shy, but I instantly made friends with another student. 

At Longview, the classes are small which makes me more comfortable answering questions and participating in class discussions. I really like Longview because, in some classes, I can choose what to work on, and I love that because I like to be in control of my education. I love writing and I can work on my own pieces. If I want to get it published, I can submit it to Longview Creations. I like that about the school because you can share your work with the whole Longview community. At Longview, I was able to really find myself. I don’t get judged for who I am, and if I have a problem with anything there’s always help, and it usually gets sorted out. I’m happy to say that this is my fifth year here, and I am happy.”

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