How Longview Faces the Pandemic

As a 30-student, K-12 school located in a nearly 10,000 square foot building, Longview is in a far better position than the much larger public or private schools. Mark Jacobs, Longview School co-founder and Director stated: “Whereas so many schools will necessarily expose students to hundreds of points of contact with other people every day, Longview is different. Since we have as many students in the entire school as some schools have in one classroom, our whole school is like one cohort group and points of contact can be kept to a minimum.”

Brewster’s Hamlet Hub Reports on Our New School Building

The new building, 571 North Main Street, is located across the street from Kobacker’s Market, just a mile from Longview’s previous location. Mr. Jacobs said: “We were extremely happy to find a building still in the Village of Brewster. We have been members of this community for almost a decade, participating each year in the Brewster Fall Festival (previously Founders Day) with our dunk tank and fun activities, supporting local businesses in the community, and being a valued member of the Brewster Chamber of Commerce.”

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