Director, History

Master’s in Education
Bachelor’s in Philosophy
with a minor in Psychology

“We prepare students for their future lives as adults, which means that we concentrate not only on academics but also on teaching all the skills that help people live happy, successful lives.” 


Head of Elementary School

Postgraduate Certificate of
Early Childhood Education
Bachelor’s in English Language and Literature

“Even though I spend most of my time with elementary students, I have a strong bond with each and every student who attends Longview. I absolutely love the family we have created.”



Master's in Elementary Education
Bachelor's in Early Childhood Development

“I taught in the public schools for nineteen years and came to Longview to find a different, more effective method of education.”


Special Ed

Master’s in Special Education
Bachelor’s in Early Childhood Education

“As one of the founding members of Longview, I have seen the school grow stronger with each year. We have a wonderful team of teachers who put their all into helping each and every student.” 


Computer Programming, PE

Bachelor’s in Special Elementary Education and Psychology

“Longview has a culture where students can achieve anything. The whole community, staff and students alike, will encourage each other to dream and fully support them in achieving those dreams.”


Math, Psychology

Master’s in Computer Engineering
Bachelor’s in Computer Science

“I love celebrating the individuality of every learner and fell in love with the customized attention Longview gives to every student. Differentiated learning isn’t just a catchphrase here.” 


English Literature, Writing

Master’s in Creative Writing
Bachelor’s in Writing, Literature,
and Publishing

“At Longview, I get the opportunity to differentiate based on my students’ individual needs. Through collaboration, I am able to adapt assignments that help students progress at their own level.”


Science, Robotics

Master’s in Chemical Engineering
Bachelor’s in Chemical Engineering

“Longview School is the most nurturing environment I have experienced both for the students and the staff. I am excited to be here and getting to be a part of everyone’s growth.” 


Art, Japanese, ESL

Master’s in Comparative Literature with Japanese Specialization
Bachelor’s in English Literature
Art Exhibitions in NYC, Seattle, Tokyo, et al.

“One part of Longview that I love is how teachers together with students are able to create all kinds of inspirational elective classes that go way beyond the confines of the box!” 



Bachelor’s in Fine Arts

“Longview is an extraordinary community where     I get to be a part of and witness kids evolving   and fulfilling their potential. It gives me hope      for the future.”



Bachelor's in Adolescent Spanish Education Certified Yoga Instructor

“¡Hola! Me llamo Jessica! I am excited to be a part of such an innovative educational community like Longview. I love to infuse my yoga and Hispanic cultural experiences into my lessons to provide students with diverse perspectives.”


Teacher Aide

Bachelor's in Journalism

“I chose to work at Longview because I was inspired by their attention to the individual social-emotional and academic needs of each student and community member. As an aide, it is my privilege to have a front-row seat in seeing this process unfold.”

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